What Type Of Spender Are You?

If you’re a New Zealand-based blogger who hasn’t made themselves acquainted with the #NZBloggers community yet, oh, you are missing OUT! (No, really. Go and have a peek at their website. I’ll wait!) Their latest initiative, Blog Greatness, is a weekly posting challenge for bloggers to interpret and pop their own spin on, and it couldn’t be more fun. Today’s topic? ‘Type’. Here’s my contribution!


I’m the type of spender who stocks her pantry with baked beans, instant noodles, cans of tuna and a plethora of other fiscal fare… and then travels overseas once a year. (No regrets!)

I’m the type of spender who spies a recipe, makes a list of the ingredients it calls for… and then substitutes it for cheaper items. Okay, so you’ll never be able to replace, say… pesto sauce with TOILET PAPER, but most things? They can be tweaked!

I’m the type of spender who, when leaving the house for an extended period of time, carries snacks and water with them. Paying a small fortune for a bottle of Mount Franklin and a muesli bar from a convenience store is so annoying. With a tiny amount of preparation, I can avoid this! (I’d much rather spend close to $10 on a pretty candle.)

I’m the type of spender who’s more than happy to fork out for a delicious dish and cocktails at a restaurant with friends, but if I’ve got savings targets to reach? I’m going to remember my entertainment unit/mortgage/jaunt to Japan goals, and NOT order an entree, main and dessert. (Or that third mojito, even though I really want to!)

I’m the type of spender who allocates herself a portion of money to play with, and then hurls the rest into a high interest bank account. After your first free withdrawal, ANZ’s ‘Serious Saver’ debits $5 from you every time you transfer money (within the month) from your account. Based on this, if I was to withdraw my savings three times within a 30 day period, I’d wind up with a $15 fee. Crazy, right?! Exactly. So I don’t touch it!

I’m the type of spender who thinks about the bigger picture. Honestly? You’re probably never going to look back and think “ugh! WHY didn’t I order more takeaways?!” I might not have felt the same way about delaying scrimping for a house, though!

What type of spender are you?


One thought on “What Type Of Spender Are You?

  1. Lena says:

    I am an over-spender, but I shouldn’t be!!! I’m trying to look at the bigger picture and save more – and pay off debt! After crashing my car and having to borrow money to replace it, I’ve learned my lesson!!! This blog is going to be a great thing to follow.

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